Rest & Reflection

My visa was up on August 1st, and so was my gig with Pasadena. Now that things have settled down and I’ve finalized a departure date (in ten days! yikes!), this post will be the closing act for this blog. For the past three months, I’ve been working under the tutelage of the GIS division … Continue reading

Projects, Python, and ESRI UC

A couple projects that got wrapped up last week. Pasadena Building Footprint Merge Project This involved wrangling with massive sets of data and doing various attribute/spatial joins and “selection by location” to geo-reference the building footprints. Python scripting! Started learning Python scripting to automate EOC (Emergency Operation Center) updates. The EOC is a (fast-booting) laptop … Continue reading

Yayy, more hours and ESRI UC!

Hooray! So today I get to increase my hours from 20/wk to 30/wk! That’ll be a nice change, so I can dedicate more time to work in the office (although I did tend to leave later anyhow) and have more income! Also, I just got registered for four days of the ESRI User Conference in … Continue reading

Public education and GIS

I realize now that one of the main reasons I continually revisit the question of how to improve education stems from my own experiences with education. I struggled immensely to fit into the traditional classroom and now look at alternative ways knowledge can be transferred. Actually, how you can instill self-confidence, passion and motivation that … Continue reading

QC complete

Went through a ton of CS5 Dreamweaver tuts and read through the gMaps API this past wkend. I’m at the CSS basics bit in the series, and it’s a good refresher. I hope it can help amalgamate my current mish-mash of CSS knowledge and solidify it through hands-on tutorials. Can’t wait to get into the … Continue reading

Google Maps API + Arroyo Seco Parkway

As I was QCing the Arroyo Seco Parkway Trails Map today, I got to thinkin’ that it’d be sweet if ppl could enter a start and end point in the park, and a distance range they’d like to run/bike. Based on those parameters, our site would spit out various routes that are suitable (paved v. … Continue reading

Geocoding and Eagle Aerial QC Complete!

Last Friday, I completed reviewing and geocoding the Business License dataset and concatenated the tables into one map. The QC of the Eagle Aerial data got delayed by a faulty drive, but the project went back online this Monday and we completed all 100 tiles yesterday. There was some questionable building lean as well as … Continue reading

:Dual monitor

So, Farrukh just came by and installed a new video card that supports dual monitors, and now I have two 24″ dual monitors. INSANE PIXEL REAL ESTATE! Just press WINDOWS+D and wooo, I can see so much of the Horsehead Nebula in one go! Windows doesn’t handle dual monitors very well, so use DisplayFusion to … Continue reading

Excel Excel

I called in sick on Tuesday and spent all day in bed. Went to work today, but man, that commute is really taxing. On the way home, I drifted off to sleep at the back of the bus, and when I awoke, I miserably realized the AC was on, full blast, right behind me. -_- … Continue reading