Rest & Reflection

My visa was up on August 1st, and so was my gig with Pasadena. Now that things have settled down and I’ve finalized a departure date (in ten days! yikes!), this post will be the closing act for this blog.

For the past three months, I’ve been working under the tutelage of the GIS division in the DoIT: Jonathan Robinson and Kayla Folkins. Another place, different circumstances and other people could very well have deterred my interest in pursuing a career in GIS. Keep in mind, my previous exposure to GIS was limited to a a couple college courses and a few GIS duties as an intern for my professor. Most the courses and work was marginally related to GIS, so upon entering the GIS field by interning with Pasadena, I had yet to ascertain if GIS would be the occupation I anticipated.

Here are a few key events and aspects of GIS, in no particular order, that have solidified my yearning to work in the field.

  • From the get-go, I felt that GIS work brings great practical value to clients.
  • It can be an ideal blend of technical and outdoor field work.
  • I attended the 2011 ESRI UC and was exposed to a wide spectrum of GIS users.
    • I stayed at a hostel and serendipitously roomed with two fellow conference attendees. One working in Bermuda and the other in Panama, both as conservation biologists.
    • The vibe from the UC is full of energy and portends a vibrant future. I’d be honored to join this fraternity of GIS enthusiasts.
  • Very global in nature. I intend to spend as much time outdoors, being paid to explore and hopefully at an international level. Maybe tracking marine migration patterns?
  • Jonathan taught me Python, and the value of learning the code behind GIS processes. I foresee a greater value placed on knowing code to create custom mapping services, via the mobile or browser. Very enthusiastic about learning this aspect.

I can’t hardly imagine a better initial immersion into GIS. It is bittersweet to leave this great work place, but here’s to finding more GIS related work in Taiwan! Adventure ahoy! 😀


One thought on “Rest & Reflection

  1. You may never read this, but I thank you for sharing your insights and tips with this GIS Newbie who is actually returning to the field.

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